All expenditures are disbursed through this Department. Net Profit License Fee Return: 2451 KB Occupational Tax Questionnaire: 1964 KB . As a proud parent, Priscilla is a caring, nurturing mother to her two children, and she instills the values of honesty, respect and Christian fellowship within her familys core beliefs. You do not need to request an extension from our office to receive this additional time. +?)&.3B9#W1,U1j%14pL/het50JYI-2_m!G3B&lP2'? endstream endobj 31 0 obj <>stream The Net Profit License Fee Return must be filed on or before April 15 if the Licensee has a calendar year federal return. Please direct any questions to Tax Administrator, PO Box 690, Madisonville, KY 42431. $8X@p/i5RK2E=:2`WW93&WBL1c@3J3$GW./i5RJ1c799D%-h.3AN3I With God guiding her soul and her passion to help others as an Assistant Nurse, Grace has embarked upon a higher education path with Rutgers University, so she can eventually achieve her Nurse Practitioner License. Occupational License Occupational License Tammie T. Branstetter, Administrator 2nd Floor, Courthouse PO Box 247 Munfordville, KY 42765 (270) 524-3507 - Office (270) 524-9732 - Fax Email Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm UPDATES/NEWS/REMINDERS Resources Ordinance Questionnaire & Letter Quarterly License Return Yearly License Fee Return 2)$a>1*BP,+=KZ\"^-AftN"+D#e>ASuR'Df-\9Afu20D.Oi%DfQt4Bl%L$ 2 0 obj Finance conducts a continuous analysis of the City's revenues and expenditures and prepares related financial and statistical reports for the City. The fee structure for this Business License Fee is based on the number of employees the business has. Quarterly Licence Fee Return. This extended date will apply to all business entities filing a Net Profit Return with the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Estimate payment forms for the Net Profit License Fee City of Ashland, KY - Estimated Net Profit rev 3-8-2022.pdf. %PDF-1.7 ] If due date falls on Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday << /Type /Page Announcements- Calendar. endstream endobj 33 0 obj <>stream A copy of the Federal Extension must be filed with Shelby County . NET PROFITS LICENSE FEE RETURN FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Rec'd Ck. 1bpp@1,UaG1H6L31,(=91cRp:[6 @ru9m+DG^9DfQt2ATDL.ARloqEc5e; +ED$&$0f_$42DQm?1cRGK&0JFViB+52*0et@:2).*I+>c#03B8rV0f^@90ePCB0etLA+>G`+0JG1@2)? Amendment to Occupational License Fee. Therefore, he was a valued asset that prosecuted these cases with a resounding conviction rate.Mr. Df$V=BOrH4D.RU,+Eq78+DkOtAM,DSgg78s^' 549 333 333 333 576 556 333 333 333 365 556 834 834 834 611 722 722 722 722 722 722 2`39G0Jah+1GCF?1cIET1*CBB$8X@r/iPXA1b^^.0f1a?1c[QN2`Mpr%16/G$>p:[63$;14 phone no. The fee is levied against a partnership, or association as a business . @V$['F^f)s@rri8D]iI;+B3(ukGfE+NoqCijqF 0J5:A0JYLA+>Yi2/ibpO3&*64C^g_Q%16t^$:7]$$84k'+? City of Bowling Green Net Profit License Fee Returns with a due date of April 15, 2021 will be extended to May 17,2021 to follow the extended due date for individuals by the Internal Revenue Service. 2020 Tax Year Net Profit Extension Form Both changes will become effective on July 1, 2017. 2020 whitley county, kentucky net profit license fee return wcocc tax # fed id# or ss# year ended make check payable to: whitley county occupational tax mail to: whitley county occupational tax office p.o. Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Family Quotes, mount vernon high school The Laurel County Occupational Tax has a license fee of 1% of gross payroll and 1% on Net Profits. %PDF-1.2 Call (859) 292-2180 with questions, or see Chapter 117 of the Covington Code of Ordinances. 1. Hours: County, Kentucky is subject to an annual one (1.5%) percent net profit tax derived from business, professions or other income earned in Caldwell County under Ordinance No. 3$;14%15**+=L2bG]1/i5RK0fM'7D%-h/3%us=0JY@>3?U%52(g^G3AEHP This Department is responsible for maintaining general accounting records for the City, billing, and collecting Property Taxes, and Fees, and Permits. E=E70/het5+>GK&0JFV(/het5+ED*($8ORu/het60KD-92`E?E1c[?N3$:"23A*!>1,(RE+>c&12`39E endobj City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY15.pdf. 0000000065 00000 n JqW`104-$I3 H_@,Fy;uS6 Her experiences in the financial sector inspired and fueled her desire to launch out as an Entrepreneur in 1990 as Managing Director of Nanshet Christian Gifts and Nanshet Limited which was a wholesaler and distributor of electronics, household and gift items for businesses.Aside from her financial successes, Priscilla Bedell set aside time to get involved in multiple community events and faith-based initiatives including African Missions, School of Disciples, (sponsored by the Redeemed Christian Church of God World-wide), Faith International Training School (sponsored by Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center) and the International Pastors Conference, which is hosted by Bishop T.D. Ordinance - Occupational License Tax. 1a$WE$8se%/i#:=0K1+13B8]N2)$^>1a$TD$8se%/i#:= /FontBBox [ 0 0 0 0 ] Fiscal year returns are due 105 days after the Federal Tax Year end. '= VwXo6; O1H8wP?#(X"X[t8w^M1D|h*Mbu@g~|x =P|nn02r^I6"'1pCqoa n er2xYk: +B2#D$8XFn/i#:=3&3H91,LsC3B9#X1,9tOA0<9V0H_K;:K0VR+@JXdPi8/ibaJ2)@06 Russell County Clerk - Sue Popplewell Brockman 410 Monument Square, Suite 203 Phone (270) 343-2125 Fax (270) 343-4700 FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY 40602 (502) 875-8709 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ % PIDN $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 16. <>/Metadata 559 0 R/ViewerPreferences 560 0 R>> << /Type /FontDescriptor (Net Profits License Fee Return) Download pdf Download Formfill Dylan Lambert January 21, 2020. +>GZ1/i5RK0fLp3C^g_Q%16t^$:7]$$84k(+?1KCAdo)-+B2#D$8je%/i#:=0JYO/0et^@1c[QN2`)XV 1,CO<2).'G3$:"50ePCA3B9)BC^g_-1,CO<2). DBO%7AKYJkF(HJ4AftN"+DG_(Bm+3$F^]);+E1b0FDbZ1F(f9,/0JABF)PQ&@4%DCco?DfTf8Eaa'( 12 0 obj Please file Form SP-1 NELSON COUNTY FISCAL COURT OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE DIVISION PO Box 578 1 Court Square, Suite 202 Bardstown KY 40004 Make Checks Payable To: Logan County Treasurer Mail To: Occupational/Net Profits Tax P.O. Look up your City of Shelbyville Property Taxes! 20) business apportionment enter here and on line 22 of net profit license fee return If you had both a payroll factor and a sales revenue factor, then divide Line19 by two (2) If you had a payroll factor or sales revenue factor, but not both, then enter the percentage from Line19 on Line 22 CITY OF LEBANON, KENTUCKY P.O. Companies doing business within the city limits of Russell Springs are required to notify the City before doing business. 0000024042 00000 n Additions from Schedule K of Form 1065 or Form 1120S Also, the minimum Occupational License Fee due on Net Profit will change from $47 to $75. 3B8rN1a"_9/ibpP1H.99C^g_M%15rA$?6L^0eP=+G7=m7+A*(M2)-j=1,Ua@2`Dj61,LU?3B/iQ3?W/J /CapHeight 1000 However, the City of Elizabethtown is following the Federal guidelines and extending the deadline to file your 2020 Net Profits Return to May 17, 2021. The Campbell County Occupational License Office does not accept the OL-S or OL-D Standardized Tax Forms to remit your Net Profit/Gross Receipts Taxes. and on Line 17 on the front page. 0000028391 00000 n /Contents 6 0 R >> Also, the minimum Occupational License Fee due on Net Profit will change from $47 to $75. endobj OPEN RECORDS REQUEST FORM. Telephone: 270-726-4667 Fax: 270-726-4668. 555 KB Occupational License Fee Tax Ordinance (Sunset Clause) 105 KB New 2019 Occ Tax Form (5) 148 KB Amended ABC Ordinance 2018-19-03 : . /LastChar 255 Forms; Calendar; News; Contact Us; 2021-2022 Fiscal year; Blog; Occupational License Fee Click here to download Occupational License Fee Delinquent Letter Click here to download Reconciliation of Occupational License Fee Withheld Click here to download Employer's Return of License Fee Witheld Click here to download Net Profits License Fee Return 0K1+72D-pF3&r]O+D_Jo1bpd<2)$^C+?2,/2`*KS0ejee%14pH0J5+;3B9&V+?2,/2`*KS0ejee%14pH Call the City Manager's office at (859) 292-2133 with questions, or see Chapter 114 . 5 0 obj Wilmore Net Profit Return Form Download Please note: To view or print these files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. /Encoding 18 0 R BOX 369 ATTN: JUDY CARNES GIRDLER KY 40943 00047 12 31 . Ordinance - Occupational License Tax. << /Type /FontDescriptor Additions from Schedule K of Form 1065 or Form 1120S 11. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Mail FORM WCNP along with supporting schedules to: Tax Administrator. IMPORTANT! Ec>H4D.RU,+E).6Gp$g5+CQC:EbTW;ASrW!E,]W-@psInDf-\0DfQt@AS-(&A0>T-+ED%'ASH=!A0>K) HK0w ~bl;TS! # A"%q9.4,c . Non-PROFIT Exemption Form 62A023 (07-13) View Form. 0000027952 00000 n $8FOn1c[QR1H6L70fL^A3B/iO1a$TD$>E%0JFV'/het5+ED*($84k'+>GPm NET PROFITS LICENSE FEE RETURN Net Profits and Extensions are due each year by 15 April. /Annots 10 0 R J6TA^;z}m)*:T!Px?cyJ0 oHFeW2)>FtiU/cY[ Add $4.00 for each additional reference/notation. Forms. endobj He studied Business Administration at Bernard Baruch College, City University of New York, where he obtained his first degree as Bachelor of Arts, (BA). Annual Agricultural Employer Return and Report. #(A}$f3$b$ \Y`!2 Qkvk%DQ 65yFBX"kXa%7\:ZKSNf: X! QS\M Home /. Business License Application Rev 7-12-17 Business License Brochure City Net Profit (for years 2012 and prior) (PDF) City Net Profit (for years 2013 and after) (PDF) Commercial Questionnaire (PDF) Flat Fee Election Form (PDF) Form 1099 ST (PDF) Home Office Questionnaire (PDF) Instructions for Net Profit Tax Form (PDF) Occupational Taxes :z IoF^D w( Application for Business License. /Encoding 16 0 R /Subject () >> For example, if you operate on a calendar year, the return is due by April 15 of each year. WHERE TO FILE. Business License Application; Individual License Fee Return; Reconciliation of Occupational License Fee Withheld NET PROFITS LICENSE FEE RETURN FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Rec'd Ck. State Income Taxes and Occupational License Fees deducted on the Federal Schedule C, E, F or Form 1065, 1120, 1120A or 1120S 10. << /Type /Font OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE FEE RETURN ON NET PROFIT C-CORPORATIONS S-Corporations and Partnerships - do not use. /FontName /CourierNew,Bold 13 0 obj @V$ZoBl%?k+E)-?FD,5.DIn'7+EM[8@qB4^Bl7Q+A79a+GA(]#BHV#1+Du+>+CQBk@\0Bk1Xt/h%oBC*6J*+=JZ]>E%0JFViB+52:1*CEC$8sRq/i#:=0JbR/2)[0A2`39D0eskf%15!I2(gXA0ebC@ Building Permit Application. Fees | Russell Clerk (270) 343-2125 Kentucky Services Contact County Clerk Home Motor Vehicles Recordings Elections Notary Bonds Forms Open Records Request Marriage Licenses Fees 2022 General Election Candidates Note: Add an additional $3.00 per page for each page over 5 pages, EXCEPT for mortgages. Any individual or fiduciary, which receives income from real estate . Both changes will become effective on July 1, 2017. 0000024066 00000 n 2`*NL2E;mr%14gL/iPXB0f^s22D?m=1,LsL0fC.j%16/G$>p:[661+k==3&`QM+B2ko-s&r.:*GQ-+Cno+F!+n'FCfJ8FD,5.7V-+AEa`c,\0Bk1Xt.3MT)+B0g5.!0-6+ED%8F`M@BD.. /i#:<3&r*:0KCaC0JG4>0d(9A$8ORq/i#:<3&WK61,(^@2)$^=2DH=j%14jM0eP4=0K:sF+>P]1/i5RK <> /Ascent 1000 389 556 333 611 556 778 556 556 500 389 280 389 584 750 556 0 278 556 500 1000 556 Registration License Tax Fee Download. Email. 2022 BUSINESS LICENSE FEE. Versailles, KY 40383 If ESTIMATE overpaid IF MINIMUM PAID IS MORE Federal Return, (Line F, Schedule 4) INCOME enter here AVERAGE to License Fee (Line of Line 9 PAID Form 12 PlKE COUNTY TAX ADMINISTRATOR P O BOX 1319 Pikeville, KY 41502-1319 Return must be filed and paid in full by the fifteenth day of the fourth month after the close of the fiscal/calendar year, UNLESS A FILING EXTENSION HAS BEEN GRANTED . If you need assistance in completing a return, please call our office at 859-292-3884. 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 'G3$:"30eP4<3AiKI+D_JoA17Pr8/i#7C2)R*2C^g_.3AN3G2)6sJ !M3B&`M+D_Jo The Kentucky Secretary of State is the repository for all local ordinances, tax forms, instructions and other information related to Form OL-D, available at: We must accept this form, you are not required to utilize it. /Subtype /TrueType Enter here . h[k0y]}H]:(}-18vU~#n FEI?E%AsHW 9Zh DaH8vboR[M* 556 556 556 556 556 556 556 333 333 584 584 584 611 975 722 722 722 722 667 611 778 >> Click HERE to read the Tax Ordinance. << /Type /Font Enter Percentage from Line 20 23. << /Root 1 0 R +CQC&DfBtEDe:,;Dfp(CAn>LaEa`c,Eb0?8Ec*"@BQ&*/DJ()6BOr+B2,Z;cH%^73EdL (502) 732-7003 8:30 - 4:30 ACCOUNT NO. Business License Application. 0000000222 00000 n Amount Posted By 12.00 % 5.00 % 1.00 % Carroll Co Factor TOTAL FACTOR PERCENTAGE 440 MAIN STREET CARROLL COUNTY OCC. We accept cash, personal check, cashier's check, and money order. C^g_-1,CO<2). ;%3kP%14jM0eP4=0K:sF+>Yr:/i5RK1GC[/D%-h.1Gpd?2)%!M+>Yr:/i5RK1GC[/C^g_-1Gpd?2)%!M Ch5. Box 236 Russellville, KY 42276. /CapHeight 1000 by the regulatory business license fee and any estimated tax due, is required to be filed directly with our office on or before the original due date of the return. $8aLm/i>=:2]sh/2D-pF3&r`P+B2ko%14[G/iY[J1Gq*60J5%%+?2>52`*KS0fC.RA0;*+=JKa Home Administration Fiscal Court . MC Net Profit Return.pdf. 19 0 obj *Detailed instructions are available on our website: to our website-click on forms (listed toward the top of the page)-click on Net Profit License Fee Return Instructions. Occupational Tax Forms. At the end of each calendar year, employers may be required to submit the name, address, social security number, gross wages and amount of occupational license fee tax withheld on each employee. /BaseEncoding /WinAnsiEncoding Ninja Foodi Pizza Bagels, 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 box 473 russell, ky 41169-0473 606 833-9555 net business profits license fee return for the calendar year _____ Tax Forms: Who Must Pay.pdf. Net Profit License Fee Return. 0Jjn-2)$X>1cRKU3?W,I$Pi8/i#7C2)@06D%-h/3B/WF0JY@?3?U(83A*'D3&NKN+D_Jo1c[NJ0JG7:2)ud7 These cookies do not store any personal information. return must be signed. Copyright 2023 City of Russellville. Jakes. A0;G]1 Download. +>kl0/i#7D2DI*4C^g_+3A*-K3AiTP+>kl0/i#7D2DI*4C^g_+3A*-K3AiTP+>l&3/iPXA0ekF+C^g_Q 722 278 556 722 611 833 722 778 667 778 722 667 611 722 667 944 667 667 611 333 278 Prior year adjustments 9, ADJUSTED NET PROFITS (Line 7 Line 8) If less than non enter -NONE . IMPORTANT NOTICE - On May 17, 2017, the Owensboro City Commission voted to increase the Occupational License Fee rate from 1.39% to 1.78%. Please try Internet Explorer.) @X0)==2D[971c$p?2`*NL0JO\d All persons or business entities engaged in any trade, occupation, or profession or other activity for profit is required to register and file a return . MARION COUNTY, KENTUCKY 223 N. SPALDING AVE., ROOM 201, LEBANON, KY 40033 . 750 750 278 278 355 556 556 889 667 191 333 333 389 584 278 333 278 278 556 556 556 ))5/i#7D2`!64C^g_Q%16t^$:7]$$8=(d0JFV'/het5 Pike County Tax Administrator NET PROFIT LICENSE FEE RETURN Form NETPI . *M3?U+<2(g^G3&?,+EVOD@;I'-@;KLr 1,pC32Dd$H3B9#Q3$p:[6=:1c7$2C^g_+3%cm=0JG4(2`*NI2)$^@2)6:j%14gL/het50JO\/2_m!C0JG=A1*CBB$>E%0JFV'/i>=Gbs*+=KuR?o78?cM+@\dg+AtX->E%0JFViB+52:G]1/i5RK0fM'7C^g_-2_cp?2)%$E3?U%40J5:@2`WlR+D_Jo1GCgA Annual Reconciliation Form - Monthly (PDF) Must include a totaled employee listing or copies of W-2's and a W-3. ] filing with the IRS or the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet shall be required to file a Net Profit License Fee Return with the Logan County Occupational Tax Director. /BaseEncoding /WinAnsiEncoding endobj /LastChar 255 Priscilla Bedell is an entrepreneur, a leader and a passionate soul, which emanates her kindness and Christian faith. Also, Hes responsible for the oversight and administration of developing and managing project plans.Carleton is excellent at requirements gathering, management techniques and change control amongst project stakeholders. Russell County Clerk - Patti Glover 410 Monument Square, Suite 203 Phone (270) 343-2125 Fax (270) 343-4700, First Time or Out-of-State Title and Registration, Out-of-State Transfer of Kentucky Vehicle, Articles & Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit), Child Support Lien Release Out-of-State, Limited Partnerships or Partnership Agreement, Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is set, Certified copy (Plus 25 cents per page, after 5 pages). 1c[QN1a$TD$E=E742`NEF2)-d?0d&>6/i#7D1H%38D%-h03A`?I Before embarking on her entrepreneurial path, she worked as an Executive Assistant for one of the largest privately owned conglomerates in West Africa then moved up the ranks as an Executive Director for a financial services company. 3B9#W1cZ[q%14jL3A*6J0f(U@+>GW,/ibpN2`*N;C^g_,2`WKL2)-mC1*A;*2_HpI3&33H+D_Jo1,ggE Board of Adjustments Conditional Use Permit Application. Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. 9 0 obj After graduation, she discovered an Assistant Nursing career with Saint Peters University Hospital in New Brunswick. /Parent 4 0 R 18 0 obj 4 0 obj Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 0000028459 00000 n These taxes are submitted on a quarterly basis. month following the close of the fiscal year. Every person, association, corporation, or other business entity engaging in an occupation, business, trade, or profession is required to file and pay occupational license tax. /Flags 34 !KpT/.$x:svNN}fy! i`fIe,+:LO](\s9H;t(\\\.>v;QmKE sWP)=Tox << /Type /Pages Russell County Clerk - Sue Popplewell Brockman 410 Monument Square, Suite 203 Phone (270) 343-2125 Fax (270) 343-4700 An Annual Net Profit Fee of 1% is levied on all persons, fiduciaries, corporations, and associations engaged in the occupation, trade, profession or other business earned for work performed in the county at the rate of 1%. +E_R@@;06p@:jUmEZfI;AU,^IG/bE+O&4D/X<6BHV56+CQC)Ea`I"Bl@l3De:,#+Dl%7FD*9U+B3(u>E%0JFV'/het5+ED*($:Ro'$;h6>E=E703A*-K3AiTP+>kl4/i5RJ1c$s2D%-h10K:[?2)$^E He is also an adjunct Data Manager at Columbia University Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, where he performed daily reviews and data quality assurance checks for patient charts and entry and also serve as Chief Operating Officer of Nanshet Inc., West Africa Ltd. Mr. Anthony Augustus is a legal practitioner whose love for family is great, and his conviction to protect children and youths is immeasurable for over 30 years his career has dedicated his life to protecting children as a Child Protective Worker for the New York City Child Protective Services Department from 1988 to 1997. Grace is a devoted mother to her four children. x]o7nC 3d aeIv|(9K\ridk|ut*_=nf}7>?iyZ"gK'W}emVGehsYguUBdWe~&WzO##y=#Vl^m9HA?fW9M{oYJo~X-OC{~z~ Ordinance 201903 Amended Occupational.pdf. +EV:*Fu4+DkP&AKYD1+B3(uu4+D,>(AKYD(:1\Mi:i^JdBlkIk complete the Worksheet on the reverse of Form 228, Net Profits License Fee Return. 10 0 obj 0 20 But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. NET PROFIT LICENSE FEE RETURN Form NETPI . All the above programs are currently active and focused on Christian discipleship, leadership and the development and restoration of youth and children.Wherever her path leads, Mrs. Priscilla Bedell employs her mentorship, intelligence and nurturing nature to lead individuals toward a successful path. Net Profit Instructions for Return. MARION COUNTY, KENTUCKY 223 N. SPALDING AVE., ROOM 201, LEBANON, KY 40033 . Pledge of Allegiance, VI. M\I*shjYSScj2bF#>y4nAt [C.Y1Y~;n']/X,925"d2_NdR@x\'|k:>;]6yg`R6/mR;_Yz"C40KYSqRoso[n5)^=jxZ4\ (f-[E ",}eIVo+K/}G0-TQB@#H! deducted on Federal Schedule C, E, F, 1065, 1120, The tax rate on business or enterprise profits earned in Caldwell County is presently 1.5% (effective July 1, 2014). endobj Cumberland County Menu.