An elevator that runs by itself. "Abandoned Alabama: Exploring The Heart of Dixie," by Leland Kent, (Arcadia Publishing), 2021, 96 pages, softcover. Remnants of the town remain, including the courthouse, shown above, two cemeteries and the grave of an unknown War of 1812 soldier. The most haunted bridge in our state is aptly named Hell's Gate Bridge, located in Oxford. Cahawba, or Cahaba, was the state capital from 1820-1825 but was eventually abandoned because of flooding from the Alabama and Cahaba rivers. Thank you! 1890s commissary that served the mining families still stands but the vine-covered building is said the be the site of miners killed at the site. The land this was built on was at one time a cemetery. The Gaines Ridge Dinner Club is a restaurant inside a ca. A hearse can be seen inside the garage of the abandoned Wards Funeral Home in Opelika. Eerie. The original portrait of Miss Kirtley hangs in the freshman dorm, Kirtley Hall, but often makes surprise appearances in elevators, closets, and beds! Legend says the area is haunted by spirits of residents in the form of strange lights that float among surviving buildings. Legends of hauntings in the home include one about a screaming woman dressed in Victorian clothing. Folks say that when you stand outside the crypt, you can hear the rocking chair rocking. During the Civil War, Nancy lived with her husband and son on a small farm but her son was killed in the war and his body was never recovered. A pyromaniac ghost? A little farther to the east is a waterway known as Gun Island Chute that leads to the Alabama River. (Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History). The furnace was destroyed by the Union army during the Civil War but was rebuilt around 1879. When they turn to look, nothing is there. Her ghost is said to look down from the upstairs window. He was arrested January 1878, and confined to the garret of the present building. Today, Jackson Lake Island is open to the public for camping and fishing. . People claim if they get out of their cars, they hear and feel a presence beside them. What is now a non-denominational chapel was built in 1850 as a Presbyterian church. Athens State was founded in 1822 as the Athens Female Academy, making it the oldest higher learning institute in the state. Jack Cole Road is a dirt road in a densely wooded area off Highway 7. As they crossed the bridge, the horses were spooked and the carriage was tipped into the water below. Copper Center - Tonseno Lodge - A man was killed in the hotel, and now he's haunting it. Reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman who hanged herself back in the day when the Center was a teaching college. The Jemison Center changed focusin the 1970s because of desegregation laws and closed in the 1980s. The canyon's proximity to the Natchez Trace, which was known as the Devil's Backbone, made it a choice hideout for many outlaws who robbed and murdered travelers along the Trace. (Submitted by Callum Swift). This photo was taken in 1973. the inventory is constantly changing as new places come up for auction. Shelby Iron Co. began operations in the 1840s. She is buried in Birminghams Elmwood Cemetery. The only things remaining in Bellefonte today are the cemetery, the chimney of the local inn (see picture), and piles of bricks. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that metal detecting on historical grounds is prohibited. As Ive discovered over the years, people are fascinated with abandoned places. It is named for a woman who lived in the area in the late 1800s or early 1900s and was thought to be a witch. You may experience the presence of a Native American ghost named Mary who knocks things over, plays electrical pranks, alters the temperature, and whispers over the drive-through speakers. 1830s to 1866. 2 bedrooms (5 homes) $159,629. makes no claims that any of the statements posted here are factually accurate. were demolished but the main house remains, Buy newspaper front pages, posters and more. At her death, her family searched the mansion for the candles but were unable to find them. An abandoned 1913 schoolhouse in rural Cherokee County was photographed in the 1930s. 1888 as a private residence. 15. As the river trade continued to increase, the town continued to grow. Abandoned Western Railway of Alabama shedin Montgomery is shown in the late 1960s. Coal towns were abandoned when the coal (or the need for it) ran out. According to legend, people have heard the sounds of muffled explosions, screams and voices. Cook Museum of Natural Science 123 Science Museums Educational sites By alwildflower3 It's fun for groups, children of all ages, and solo adults or couples. A marker on Court Square North in Carrollton tells of the Pickens County portrait: "A freedman, Henry Wells, was accused of burning the second on November 16, 1876. The abandoned Memphis and Charleston Freight Depot in Huntsville. It says, "Anne E. Kirtley gave many years of her life as a beloved professor at Judson. Rural Southwest Alabama says, It was constructed using hand-hewn yellow pine timbers joined together with large wooden pegs. It has been moved twice and now rests across Duck Pond at the University of West Alabama. In the 1830s, settlers continued to move into the area to use Arcola as a river landing. Legend says Evelyn Carter, the sister of a housekeeper, died on the grounds of Gaineswood Plantation in the late 1800s. This building, constructed in 1856, has a rich and interesting history. Site of Consolation Church and Cemetery, Greenville. These assets may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, insurance benefits or even valuables from safe deposit boxes. secret traditions. Tuscumbia, Alabama 39 miles from Decatur, AL A former slave plantation, it is believed to be haunted by slaves that lived and died here and also possibly by the ghosts of its former owners. These display caskets left inside Memorial Mound still had price tags on them. They are evidence of past lives and of the history we are in danger of losing. Located in a beautiful 1820s home, the restaurant is known for its family of ghosts including a woman screaming and calling out as she floats past the windows and the ghostly reflection of a tall, bearded man in black, known as Old Ebeneezer Hearn. Brick Deli is housed in a building that dates back over a century. Members of Steel City Urbex were allowed into the bank area and the basement that are being developed for a business such as a restaurant or wine cellar, he said. It is no longer in use and the abandoned building is reportedly haunted. Others claim to have seen phantom cars, strange balls of light and the apparition of a small figure, about 4 feet tall. The Decatur Mall is anchored by Belk, jcpenney Outlet, Sears and Regal Cinemas. The crumbling house on a hill at 103 Goldthwaite Streetwas obviously once a beauty. Children have reported seeing a face peering down from a second-floor window when the courthouse is closed. ", Buy newspaper front pages, posters and more. Abandoned collapsing mines below the surface were to blame, but others suspect that the first building too closely resembled a grim medieval castle, and was scrapped for a more modern cottage design. No matter what part of the state you are in, if you ask around youre sure to be pointed to a haunted site. It produced plating for Civil War-era ironclad vessels, as well as pig iron for munitions and other wartime materials. On Feb. 4, a fellow student spilled cleaning fluid onto the open stove and the kitchen caught fire. The most infamous haunted location in Alabama is The Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham. It's now underwater and the only remnant left of the town is a cemetery. It had no ballroom, no gold-leafed interior, no orchestra. For information, contact Craig Drescher, (Source: Namaan Fletcher/What's Left of Birmingham). Decatur, Dothan, Hoover, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and more. Supposedly you can still hear what sounds like the body swaying on the second floor. Some report that is you park on the bridge, your car will begin to rock. The tale was repeated in Kathryn Tucker Windham's"13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey." Home Size. The firefighters felt that is simply wasn't worth the risk to aggressively try to stop the fire, and to let the fire burn itself. For tour information and fees, visit the ghost town's websitehere. Best Restaurants in Decatur, AL - The RailYard, Two Fish & A Toad, The Moody Crab, Simp McGhee's, Brick Deli, Francesco's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Bank Street Grill, Hard Dock, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Sushi Sumo While visiting the house, a relative, Sally Carter, died of a short illness at the mansion in 1837. Home Value*. According to the Library of Congress, The brick warehouses had 12 -inch firewalls and fire doors. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. Local Online Auctions in Alabama. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. In 2015, the church burned in a fire presumed to be caused by arson. This abandoned town is reportedly haunted by spirits if former residents. The old Bibb County Jail, built ca. Stories of figures haunting cemeteries, ghostly marching soldiers, and mysterious music playing in empty abandoned buildings are told in every corner of our state. A local storyteller dressed in period clothing leads the one-mile tour of haunted hotels, infamous murder sites, cemeteries, and more. However, that doesn't stop the tales from being told and retold. Information with the photo said: This building stood on the southeast corner of Vine Street and First Street North. Her sons pulled her from the wreckage, but she died in the front bedroom on the eastern side. Crime truly came to Decatur in the 1850s with the arrival of the railroads. During the Civil War, her husband and oldest son were reportedly murdered by members of the Home Guard because the son refused to join the army. Some claim to see the orb today. The A ghost named George is said to live here, a former construction worker who fell from a scaffold as the place was being built. It was a stormy night and her carriage flipped, killing Burns. This photo was taken in 1934 when the home was abandoned. When she finally reached her home and reported the accident to her husband, the man began drinking to soothe his grief. Here is a look at 21 of the most photographed abandoned sites in Alabama. the interior, seen here from the doorway, is closed to the public because it is unsafe. Some say they can hear the call of a bird that soon morphs into a young girls screams. Other times, its merely because they are so haunting and raise the questions: Who would leave such beautiful places to rot? Winter Place in Montgomery. Sardis is home to a truly creepy rumor claiming that a man with fiery red eyes and the ghostly figure of a Confederate soldier has also been spotted wandering the property of the Adams Grove Presbyterian Church. In Huntsville, the Maple Hill Cemetery is also known as the Dead Children's Playground. In 1861, Prairie Bluff was at its height. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. In life, she reportedly lived in a shack in the woods. Nearby, a pair of eyeglasses gathers dust, as if the owner were suddenly interrupted in the middle of a workday and never returned. It is located at 1928 First Avenue North. It is now the site of a Hampton Inn. During the American Civil War, the town suffered a lot of damage and it was completely abandoned by the 1920s. People claim the churchs pastor went mad one day and murdered his entire family and their spirits haunt the grounds. The rare folk-art stones, declared historic sites by the National Park Service, have unfortunately been all but destroyed by vandals. Typical cemetery haunting fare including orbs and reports that your car will die if you drive there on specific dates. She founded many of the things Judson students still love: theConversationalistyearbook, theTriangle(student newspaper), theScrimshawliterary magazine, the college archives, and several (shh!) If you have a specific location from the list below The Grace Evans house in Cahaba, the states first capital city, in the 1930s, decades after the town was abandoned due to flooding. This site was visited with permission. Some people say they've heard a baby cry or a dog panting or growling while on the. This is part of the warehouse complex for Dallas Compress Co. in Selma, photographed in the late 1960s. A baby is said to have died there, either from murder, a car accident, a wagon accident from pioneer days, or variations on the theme. The cemetery remains. Mrs. Locals tell a story that this building once was occupied by a young girl, Molly, who died in the 1930s or 1940s. Matt Glasscock, who took the photo at left, and members of Steel City Urbex were invited by the owner to tour some of the closed portions of the City Federal building in downtown Birmingham. The chain purchased Sears. The buildings flank Alabama Avenue.. For 50 years, the woman brought flowers and kneeled to pray at the foot of his 8-foot obelisk marker. Eerie screams have been heard and ghostly apparitions have been seen haunting the Moncrief cemetery. 16. Bellefonte is a ghost town in Jackson County, Alabama and is situated near the site of the Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station. Click hereto see more photos. Inside Alabama's abandoned Ruffner Mountain mine, site of 1971 explosion, These abandoned Alabama bridges will make you wonder what's on the other side, Eerie abandoned campus of Alabama's girls reform school, Ghost boats: Abandoned Alabama watercraft, Inside the spooky skeleton of Bryce, Alabama's historic insane hospital, 15 riveting ruins that recount Alabama's past, Crumbling Shelby Hotel gives spooky glimpse into Alabama's resort era. The Victoria Inn was built ca. The chemical plant was built by the company in 1918 to make wood alcohol from charcoal for World War I. Jesse James is rumored to have holed up in the canyon. An old bridge off Mothershed Road is known as Mary Daniel Bridge. Jesse was thought to be in the area when his brother Frank were accused of robbery of a United States Army Corps of Engineers payroll in Muscle Shoals in 1881. The David Wade House on Bob Wade Lane in Huntsville shown in 1935. (Source: Library of Congress/Historic American Buildings Survey). YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. It is alleged that you can hear the screams of soldiers who died in the Civil War at this cemetery. By the end of 1888, the R&D had built 51 miles of track from Rome, GA to Attalla (west of Gadsden), AL. Our "history tour with ghosts" reveals not only the highlights of the city's history, but also reveals the history "that no one wants you to know" -- from crime scenes, to scandals, unsolved murders, and more. Although the spot where the Dallas Mill was is now open field, legend has it was once haunted by a man who died while working there. It was used during the Civil War as a hospital. Nancys spirit is distraught over not being able to bury her son. An abandoned property is usually a property whose original owner is no longer in possession of the home. Vernon Hospital for the Colored Insane. Today, the Old State Bank in Decatur is open for tours. Click herefor more photos. ", StrangeUSA.comsays ghosts of inmates can be heard: "Legend has it that their screams can be heard as they were being burned to death, and you can hear the laugher of the guards that stood by watching.". Various urban legends have arisen around the claims that Cry Baby Hollow and the bridge going across it are haunted. Water faucets that turn on and off. Get directions Red Hat Road Decatur , Alabama , 35601 USA Coordinates: 34.65420, -87.07780 Cemetery ID: 21888 Members have Contributed 3 Memorials 0% photographed 0% with gps About these numbers Photos No additional photos. People claim to hear singing and voices in the area surrounding the property and some claim they have seen the apparition of a woman walking the grounds. The ghost of a boy who died there is said to haunt the park. 1820 plantation house. The ghost of a woman who died after being hit by a truck is said to haunt this stretch of road. It once consisted of 25 buildings constructed in the 1870s or 1880. Legend claims a phantom woman would appear to children, but only at night. What are the creepiest cemeteries in Alabama? Arcola, established in the early 1820s, is a ghost town on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, Alabama - formerly Marengo County. Her spirit can also be seen floating past windows on the second floor. She would die from her burns on Feb. 6 at the age of 17. Click hereto see more photos. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Contact this Facility Decatur Mill 2050 Market St NE Decatur, AL 35601 256-280-4761 Number of Team Members: 40+ An old well house at the Chalkville Training School for Girls. This airfield built in 1941, shown above in aerial view, was used to train the famous Tuskegee Airmen. Legend says the face of a woman appears on a tombstone in Sandlin Cemetery. Ive noted those of which I am aware. ", The Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton is widely known as the site of hauntings by the spirit of Henry Wells, who was once incarcerated in a jail cell on the second floor. Alabamas many historic cemetery sites can be bone-chilling, especially those with an eerie legend associated with it. Located in Decatur, Alabama, the Ardent Mills Decatur facility is a pneumatic mill and one of the most automated mills in the United States. This account of the hauntings comes from Unusual occurrences are not uncommon in the historic Rawls hotel. Read more 0 1. Across fromSt. Clair's Bait & Tackle, Grocery and Hardware, a tiny catch-all store at the crossroads of Lowndes County Roads 29 and 40, is a narrow, shaded dirt lane that leads to one of Alabama's best-kept secrets. The home was completed in 1835 by Robert Patton, Brahan's son-in-law and former Alabama governor. The Heart of Dixie is steeped in history, making for truly spooky tales. The image turned out to be a silhouette etched into the stone. This historic hotel is the home of a disruptive entity known only as 'the knocker.' It gets its name from the fact that when it appears on the sixth floor, knocking loudly on hotel room doors in the dead of night! Mt. One-by-one, the boys killed anyone involved in the deaths of their family. (Picture: Hatch Plantation), Between the years 1819-1826, Cahawba was Alabama's state capital. TOURS OFFERED FOR THE 2023 SEASON: Haunted History Bus Tours: $32 Per Person The neglected building is Birmingham's Masonic Temple, also once known as the Colored Masonic Lodge. Huggin Mollys restaurant in downtown Abbeville is named for the legend. They will come with a title that will be put into the auction bidder's name. The church is now a ruin but the adjoining cemetery remains. Apparitions have been seen, and captured on film by paranormal society investigations; orbs have been reported as well. Find museums in Decatur, AL, Dead Children's Playground - Maple Hill Cemetery, Off Campus Book Store - University of North Alabama, University of North Alabama - Romeo and Juliet statues, Wesleyan Hall - University of North Alabama, Norton Auditorium - University of North Alabama. The abandoned Peerless Laundry building at Royal and Conti streets in Mobile. Decatur is the nearest city to the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, which includes 35,000 acres of land to provide a safe habitat for wintering and migrating birds in the eastern United States. Legend says the spirits of the children buried in the cemetery, founded in 1822, come there to play. One truck driver said that he struck the bridge after a ghostly horse-drawn carriage crossed the interstate in front of him. Legend says it is haunted by a woman named Annie, who acted as a nanny for the children in the home and was later the owners caretaker. NOTE:This site was visited with permission and under supervision of the State Department of Mental Health. In 1909, Kirkseys wheelchair-bound daughter Margaretta Eliza, who was 29 years old, fell from the second-floor balcony. Although there are no detailed legends about this site, many believe it is haunted. Ruins of theMemphis and Charleston Freight Depot at 303 Church St. in Huntsville. The son of former Alabama governor, Robert Patton is said to be one of many ghosts to haunt the Sweetwater Mansion in Florence. Princess Theatre in Decatur, Alabama M MSNHA Storage Buildings Old Barns Built In Storage Lauderdale Garages Sheds Beautiful Things Old Barn on Spring Avenue, Decatur, Alabama B Bonnie Goodman Little Theatre Old Signs Once In A Lifetime Movie Theater Performance Art Decatur Alabama great little Theater C Coil Billingsley Southern Homes The newly renovated inn is now called Hotel Finial. A curved staircase inside the 1850 Carpenter Gothic-style home called Spring Villa in Opelika. When he was hanged, his executioners dug a hole beneath his dangling feet to accommodate his height. See more onSteel City Urbex's Facebook page. Click here to see Robinson Switch Road on Google Maps. It was restored but is once again in need of repairs. Read more 0 William Chancellor House in Harpersville today. Both federal and state laws govern this activity. Also, the construction of Millers Ferry Lock and Dam in 1963 was really overwhelming. Aunt Jenny Brooks Johnson, shown above, was a real mountain woman whose sons became outlaws. Winter Place is actually a complex with two huge homes; the second is that both homes are in dire need of renovation. Ghost towns, especially those that have been completely abandoned, can be a bit creepy. After a fire and years of deterioration, only a few buildings remain but it has become a popular destination for tourists and photographers. Rawls, who repeatedly took down window treatments he tried to install. At least one of the buildings at Robinson's Switch has the shape of a depot and another long building appears to have been a railroad warehouse. Another story says when people feel a sudden sense of dread, they will soon see the apparition of a soldier. The building was constructed in Northport on what was once called Cherokee Plantation, owned by Robert Jemison. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. The current owners of the Moody Brick claim that the old plantation is definitely not haunted. Owners Bobby and Lynn Bright are refurbishing the film set of Spectre because public interest remains high. The vast majority of information provided on this web site is anecdotal, and as such, should be viewed in the same light as local folklore and urban legends. This home was allegedly the site of the murders of an entire family that haunts the site. Montevallo, established in 1896, is reportedly haunted by the spirit of student Condie Cunningham. Legend says she fought with her boyfriend and decided to walk home. Youve Never Experienced Anything Like The Epic Old Railroad Bed Trail, An Abandoned Railroad Hike In Alabama, The Alabama Ghost Town Thats Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip, A Haunting Road Trip Through Alabama Ghost Towns To Take If You Dare, Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural Alabama, This Small Alabama Town Is One Of The Creepiest Ghost Towns In America, This Abandoned Funeral Home In Alabama Will Chill You To The Bone, Nature Is Reclaiming This Deserted Alabama Resort And Its Actually Amazing, Everyone In Alabama Should See What This Abandoned Film Set Looks Like. Flickr/Renee May. The book, "Haunted Places: The National Directory" by Dennis William Hauck claims that this section of highway is haunted by the spirits of displaced Creek Indians and has resulted in an "accident rate that is well above average." Bellefonte is a ghost town in Jackson County, Alabama and is situated near the site of the Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station. Peacock said it's the "site of numerous unusual accidents over the years, including several that have resulted in fatalities and catastrophic fires. 5. Check out the 15 most haunted places in Decatur then learn more by visiting (Picture: Wheeler Dam Village - 1937). Within 15 years, the town had 5,000 residents. NOTE: This site is continually monitored with video surveillance. Visitors here may see ghostly children coming out to play. It was destroyed by Union forces in 1865. Flickr/Annie Chartrand. Buildings in Downtown Decatur have a long and . The date of the photograph is unknown, but it was probably taken in the late 19th or early 20th century, after the building had been used as a grist mill. It is no longer standing. Its surprising how many ghost towns are in Alabama. Hall Hotel dates to 1895 and residents of Gurley hope to restore it. In the 1900s, it was used as a YMCA and later as the college drama departments theater. It was rebuilt and operated until 1923. If you stop on the bridge and turn off your lights, the couple will enter your car and leave behind a wet stain on your car seat. A marker was erected nearby detailing the legend. There's legend here of a ghost who does housework! The Haunted Decatur Tours run either 3 or 4 hours in length -- depending on the tour - and travel by bus to various locations throughout the city. Take a look. The hotel has been closed down. But, after burning twice in its 186-year history, the elegant mansion is more famous in its ruinous state than it ever was as a family home. tamron hall sister picture,
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