COMPANY: DRAPER FISHER JURVETSON INDUSTRY: TECH Born and raised in San Francisco, Wilsey is the son of Al Wilsey (1919-2002), a businessman, and Pat Montandon, a socialite and peace activist. COLIN KAEPERNICK COMPANY: FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA PRESENTS Thats not what [the Pelosis] have. The top of its head was stained pink from her lipstick kisses. INDUSTRY: SPORTS The 61-year-old has stayed busy with many other notable novels including The Kitchen Gods Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Bonesetters Daughter, The Opposite of Fate: Memories of a Writing Life, and two childrens books, The Moon Lady and Sagwa, which has been adapted as a PBS production. It's actually a myth about how to make money on Facebook Diane Buchanan "Dede" Wilsey is a San Francisco socialite, Republican Party donor, and philanthropist. ", Brown adds, hilariously, "You wouldnt bring the Three Tenors to sing [there]. During his tenure, he ran the museum while she raised the funds to attract the traveling blockbuster exhibits celebrating King Tut and Yves Saint Laurent. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Jed York is the CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the most celebrated football franchises in the NFL. DANIEL EK to be under review for a Net Worth profile spot. Disclaimer: NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. INDUSTRY: VENTURE CAPITALISM Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox, Dede Wilsey Comments on Paul Pelosi's (Alleged) Drunk-Driving Incident, the New York Times Styles section treatment, Pelosis Husband Now Trying to Refute DUI Reports as Incorrect Information, Day Around the Bay: San Jose Man Arrested In Connection With PG&E Transformer Explosions, Berkeley Poised to Close Famed Anthropology Library, Angry Students In Full Occupy Mode, The SFPD Brags About Busting Johns Seeking Sex Workers on Capp Street. You will see me prevail. Momentum has created an app that facilitates donating based on lifestyle and interests. COMPANY: Kohlberg KravisRoberts & Co [4] Her maternal great-grandfather, Herbert Henry Dow, was the founder of Dow Chemical. (Yes in my Backyard) In an industry dominated by math, many donors demand quantifiable results from charities a proven dollar of results for every dollar donated. COMPANY: GOOGLE / AMAZON She declined to say how much money she donates each year. Now, Ms. Wilsey indulges her three grandchildren. The bottom 50% includes 64.3 million families, with 13.4 million of these families having a negative net worth. He recently became a board member at Disney. Prior to joining the firm, he co-founded Palantir Technologies, a multi-billion dollar software company that develops mission-critical analysis systems used by government and financial organizations around the world. MEG WHITMAN INDUSTRY: HOSPITALITY /FOOD & WINE COMPANY: EDUCATION INDUSTRY: ENTERTAINMENT WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST III Resolved: Release in which this issue/RFE has been resolved. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Thomas Keller is the undisputed king of the culinary world, renowned for elevating the standards of refinement in the food industry. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:John Morgridge joined Cisco in 1988 as President and CEO, and grew the company from $5 million to more than $1 billion in sales. Ms. Wilseys concerns about the lack of local giving by the newly minted rich are backed up by area leaders and research the influx of so much wealth has altered the Bay Areas fabric, aggravating income inequality and driving up costs, especially housing. As of 2023, Dede's net worth is $100,000 - $1M. His wife Halle Tecco is founder and CEO of Rock Health, which funds and supports startups that build the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare. COMPANY: YAHOO! The middle 40% of U.S. families own 22% of the wealth. JOSEPH JACOB As a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, then as mayor of San Francisco and now in his current role, hes been a political visionary on issues of equality, the environment, homelessness and healthcare. COLIN B. BAILEY Today, she is President of the Board of the College Track after-school program, which she co-founded in 1997. CATEGORY: COMMANDERS GORDON AND ANN GETTY COMPANY: SALESFORCE Im very circumspect about friends, she said. The "Access for All campaign" submitted a petition to the San Francisco elections department Monday with enough signatures to get a measure on the November ballot. COMPANY: FRANKLIN RESOURCES, INC. Major snowstorm might leave you stranded, New 101 express lanes opens in Bay Area. The co-founder and CEO of Netflix was formerly on the board of directors at Microsoft and now serves on the board at Facebook. The firm manages approximately $1 billion of investor capital as well as investments funded by Khosla himself. Though your net worth will fluctuate over time, there are a number of tried-and-true methods for increasing your net worth, including: Pay off debt. INDUSTRY: YAHOO D. before voters after supervisors rejected a similar proposal at the board three times. ARTHUR LEVINSON Traina, 44, is the daughter of Nina Carroll, a socialite and philanthropist who is friends with Mrs. Wilsey. As a product of old money, as well as newer fortunes in food and real estate, Ms. Wilsey, 75, wondered if part of the problem was too little conversation about the responsibilities that come with wealth, a lesson she received during her gilded upbringing. Ms. Wilsey at her home in Rutherford, Calif. state attorney generals office is investigating. VINOD KHOSLA He is also the co-founder of FeedBurner, which was purchasedby Google in 2007. Dede Wilsey is excoriated for roughly one-third of Wilsey's book. COMPANY: NETFLIX Known for her attachment to her dogs, Ms. Wilsey has made donations to various San Francisco institutions in their honor. CATEGORY: ENTREPRENEURS That, at least, is how Ms. Wilsey, 72, describes the recent turmoil. Diane "Dede" Wilsey -----. RUPERT JOHNSON JR. Giving anonymously, she said, is not as effective as seeing names endorse a cause. Kathie Sullivan. In San Francisco homelessness has increased and evidence of desperation abounds: A study showed the city has the worst package theft rate in the nation, police say car break-ins occur every 22 minutes, and daytime open-air needle drug use is common in some neighborhoods. She is now listed as "chair emerita." The FAMSF board did not return a request for comment. No civilization has survived where there is only rich and poor, Ms. Wilsey said. INDUSTRY: TECH / WINE Ms. Wilsey decorated the pale yellow walls inside the little station with murals of her dogs, her grandchildren and a monkey wearing a pink tutu. INDUSTRY: TECH WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Arturo Keller was an automotive engineer from Mexico City, but in 1989, his passion for wine led him to purchase 650 acres nestled in the windy hills of Sonoma. CATEGORY: COMMANDERS CATEGORY: POWER COUPLES $140 per post at $7/CPM. He is also the managing partner of Meadowood, a Relais & Chateaux resort with a three-star Michelin restaurant, and The Napa Valley Reserve, a private winegrowing estate for members only. He took an early interest in Google, and has since put his faithful funds in more than 500 companies. INDUSTRY: REAL ESTATE Dede Wilsey Height. I have no idea, and Id like to kill them, Ms. Wilsey said. Dede Wilsey in her San Francisco home. CATEGORY: COMMANDERS INDUSTRY: ARTS & CULTURE It includes a carousel, three squat miniature air-conditioned houses, a general store and a mock train station. and other sources. Today, she serves as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, while her husband Paul Pelosi has made his mark as financier, businessman and owner of Financial Leasing Services, Inc. TOM PERKINS If you ever get an invitation, you have to go. Dede Wilsey Age. After doing so, she was dismissed. COMPANY: FIRST REPUBLIC BANK CATHERINE LACAVERA iNDUSTRY: PUBLISHING Photo courtesy of Spencer Brown. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:After graduating from Harvard, William Randolph Hearst III spent years as an employee of the Hearst Corporation, eventually becoming editor and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Since entering office as Lieutenant Governor in 1997, Gavin Newsom has championed innovative public policies. MARK ZUCKERBERG COMPANY: SAN FRANCISCO OPERA I just wanted to be dumb and pretty. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:While Steve Jobs may forever be the face of Apple, Tim Cook is carrying the torch brilliantly. hosted a fundraiser Over the years, Wilsey has earned a place on the Mount Rushmore of remarkable women who lead by giving and doing for the City's premier cultural institutions. INDUSTRY: FINANCE Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. San Francisco socialite and philanthropist Diane Wilsey, known as Dede, just gave $100,000 to the streamlining housing measure backed by Mayor London Breed, Proposition D on the November ballot, joining its top 10 donors a month before the election. I actually had a good relationship with Sean, and I have no idea why he decided to write that idiotic book, Ms. Wilsey said. [18][19], Dede Halcyon, a character in Armistead Maupin's roman-fleuve Tales of the City, described by a reviewer of the 2019 miniseries based on the books as the "boozy art-patron friend" of the show's protagonist, is allegedly a "thinly-veiled portrayal" of Wilsey. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Kim is founder and managing partner of Cendana Capital, a fund of funds focused on backing seed-stage venture capital funds that place their money into young startups. CATEGORY: COMMANDERS According to Mr. Parker, Mr. Osher thought the action was outrageous and couldnt support it. More recently, Louise Renne, San Franciscos former city attorney, was one of two other trustees to resign, saying she could not fulfill her fiduciary duty, given the boards management. CATEGORY: ENTREPRENEURS SEAN PARKER Last year, his sailing team Oracle Team USA won the 34th Americas Cup for the second consecutive year in an exciting winner takes all race. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Rupert Johnson joined Franklin Resources in 1965, and together with his brother Charles and nephew Gregory, runs Franklin Resources, Inc. Ms. Wilsey estimated that she has donated to more than 380 charities in the past year, among them the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which named the Sparkle Wilsey Grooming Center in honor of a deceased dog. She has a whole court named after her.. Ms. Wilsey has continued to hold the party more than a decade after Mr. Wilseys death. His bestselling memoir "Oh the Glory of It All" eviscerated his stepmother Dede Traina Wilsey, one of San Francisco's highest-profile arts philanthropists, and chronicled his ambivalent. RICHARD KOVACEVICH Dede Wilsey poses for a portrait with her dog Dazzle at her home in San Francisco. Almost all of that money, records show, was then funneled to committees working on the recall. COMPANY:SLANTED DOOR GROUP Im not buying it, Mr. Campos told The San Francisco Chronicle. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Thomas Siebel is CEO and chairman of C3 Energy, an energy efficiency and smart grid analytics software company. . Unfortunately, the successful entrepreneur was found to be HIV positive in 1997, though, by all accounts and as of . His restaurants Per Se and The French Laundry have earned three Michelin stars; he is the only American chef to hold two Michelin three-star ratings simultaneously. WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:George Lucas formed his film company, Lucasfilm Ltd., in 1971 and the rest is history. ARTURO KELLER STEVE JR. AND RILEY BECHTEL The Charles Schwab Foundation supports a variety of charities and community events that align with the firms strategic philanthropic priorities. CATEGORY: ATHLETES COMPANY: MICHAEL MONDAVI FAMILY ESTATES CATEGORY: ENTREPRENUERS CATEGORY: INNOVATORS The report estimated that there were 76,000 millionaires and billionaires in the Silicon Valley counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo, and twice as many more millionaires and billionaires, if you add San Francisco, said Alexa Corts Culwell, the studys co-author. Mallory Moench is a San Francisco City Hall reporter. COMPANY: GOOGLE/VODAFONE It was mandatory, he said. Dede Wilsey Born: 1944 (age 78years), Washington, D.C., United States, Dede Wilsey Spouse: John Traina (m. 19651980), Dede Wilsey Parents: Wiley T. Buchanan Jr., Wiley T. Buchanan, Dede Wilsey Children: Trevor Traina, Todd Traina. Certainly her donation has zero effect on our campaign strategy or communications, he added. But Ms. Wilsey is in a position to personally witness the lack of generosity. 4. INDUSTRY: BIOTECH (deceased) John Traina Jr. (deceased) She's one of San Francisco's most prominent . which is opposed by Breed And in June the San Francisco Foundation and partners started the Bay Area Equity Atlas, a database explaining local needs designed to appeal to wonky minds. One of their first orders of business was refuting press reports that Paul Pelosi was arrested for a similar driving incident four years ago that was apparently a different person named Paul Pelosi? Her estimated net worth is $1.9 billion. COMPANY: MINA GROUP WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE:Silicon Valleys preeminent eco investor has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them to build green tech businesses. JEAN-CHARLES BOISSET Before that, she freelanced with a focus on the Yemeni diaspora while studying at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. JENNIFER PUCCIO Born in Shanghai, Decker specializes in the sales of finest homes in San Francisco Bay Area and had over $200 million in sales during 2013 alone. Drivers' reluctance to use it has been attributed to high prices and poor administration. COMPANY: FACEBOOK Sean Patrick Wilsey (born May 21, 1970) is the author of the memoir Oh the Glory of It All, published by Penguin in 2005.. Born and raised in San Francisco, Wilsey is the son of Al Wilsey (1919-2002), a businessman, and Pat Montandon, a socialite and peace activist.He is the stepson of socialite and philanthropist Dede Wilsey.. Wilsey is a former editor-at-large for McSweeney's Quarterly .
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